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Posting Your Resume is EASY
There are many job boards, millions of jobs, just waiting for you to apply. Your resume is your first chance to make a positive impression with an employer on your job search. You can upload your resume to Goodwill.jobs so employers hiring now can view it. If you don't have one, our resume wizard will create one for you. Once your resume is uploaded you can find a job and apply for that job.

Green Status Bar = Process Completed
Goodwill.jobs shows you exactly where you are at in the "apply process" to make finding a job easier. Once you Upload or Create a Resume on the job board, the Status Bar turns green. If it is red, just click on that bar for a link to the page you missed. If all three bars are green you are ready to find a job and apply with that employer.

Recording a Video with Your Resume is SMART
A video or "virtual" resume is a short video created by a candidate for employment that describes your skill and qualifications. It is typically used to set you apart from other applicants and to supplement a traditional resume. There are a multitude of people trying to find jobs online and applying through job boards. The addition of a video to your profile will help you stand out to employers that are hiring. Just record a short (2-3 minute) video on your smart phone, or laptop (with a camera). Then upload the video, along with your resume on Goodwill.jobs.


Searching Jobs, By Employer, By Location, Or ALL JOBS
Finding a job has never been easier. Jobseekers can search by industry, zip code, specific company, or salary amount on our job board. Search all companies or just Goodwill of Southern Nevada, your choice-your future! Super charge your career search with the Goodwill.jobs job board. Working now? Find a better job. Unemployed? Apply now!

Apply Now!
After you have registered and added your resume to Goodwill.jobs, you need to find jobs on our job board. This is your lucky day-you found three jobs! Pick your favorite, click on the big blue button on the right Apply Now! If you have already applied for this job, you can't apply again. BUT go onto another job and apply for as many as you want and find a job today.


Get Started

The best way to get to know Goodwill.jobs and prepare for your career search is to stop into one of our two Career Connections offices:


1280 W. Cheyenne Ave.
North Las Vegas, NV 89030
(at Martin Luther King Blvd)
Mon-Thurs: 9am 4pm Fri: 9am 12pm
(702) 214 2025


3345 E. Tropicana Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89121 (at Pecos Rd.)
Mon. Tues. Thurs: 9am 4pm
Workshops only Fri: 9am 12pm
(702) 214 2025

We provide all of the following at no cost to you:
internet/computer access, mock interviews, resume building assistance, access to hiring
events and job fairs, and daily workshops. Let us help you get that job!

Call our Career Connections offices or email us at info@goodwill.jobs

Register. Post Jobs. Search Candidates. Hire! Local. Local. Local

You have a choice in job boards. Goodwill.jobs offers you LOW cost job posting, accurate search, job ads, and thousands of qualified applicants.

Search More LOCAL Applicants
Goodwill.jobs job board offers employers LIVE customer service and sales representatives to assist with your hiring needs. Plus LOCAL job applicants. Any fees go directly back into our community through job training and career support.


Set Prescreening Questions
What a time-saver for employers to set their own pre-screening questions on job listings for each job applicant! Questions can be company based like "Are you 18 years of age?" or "Do you have a valid driver's license?" Then set questions specific to the job title/positions. Each set of questions is scored based on your desired responses. As the Hiring Manager, you can sort job applicants by the BEST score.

Digital Interviewing
It is so important when interviewing to find job applicants who not only meet your skill requirements, but also fit your company culture. With Goodwill.jobs employers can send "invites" to digitally interview prospective applicants for job listings. You pick the questions, you pick the job candidates you want to interview for the job listing, you decide which ones to either hire or schedule a live interview with. We archive the videos for two years so you can view job applicant's videos at any time


Get started with Career
Connections Business Solutions

We Understand the High Cost of Recruiting Employees.
Wage Reimbursement, OnSite Hiring Events, Tax Credit Information, Work Card
and Clothing/Shoes Voucher Assistance

Tenesha McCulloch, Sr. Manager Mission Services
702-214-2014 businesssolutions@sngoodwill.org



MicroSite Functionality
A MicroSite is a compact version of Goodwill.jobs. It runs parallel to the main job board with a lot of the same features—job listings, "about us", job search/apply, workshop and event calendar. The concept is similar to member storefronts on ShopGoodwill.com.

Assistive Technology
In the upper right hand corner of every page, Goodwill.jobs is proud to partner with SiteCues. It is a new technology we are using on the job board allowing the visually impaired to access larger text and voice response to assist jobseekers and employers in reading each pages and viewing/posting job listings.


Digital Interviewing
Goodwill.jobs gives you State of the Art Recruiting Technology. On-Demand Interviewing allows you to not only make sure the job applicant has qualifying skills for the job listing, but also has a culture fit with your Goodwill location. Determine your interview questions, invite the job applicant to the interview, and evaluate the candidate—it's that easy. All digital interviews are archived for 2 years.

Revenue Generating
In addition to all the great features, Goodwill.jobs can be your next revenue stream! You can get reimbursed for your LOW monthly fee, by signing up external employers. You receive a "revenue share" for every employer you sign up on the job board to post job listings. There's nothing better than having your expenses covered-ask us for the details!


Get Started with a FREE MicroSite Trial

The best way for you to get to know Goodwill.jobs is for us to walk you through a site demonstration. We design your own MicroSite with your store images, your jobs, your
content. Then we set up a two month FREE trial for you to test the site. Post all of your jobs, post external employers jobs, find applicants jobs and provide them services. All in one website .Goodwill.jobs.




Increase Your Reach
Not getting the job candidates for your job openings with the skill sets you need? Goodwill.jobs has thousands of job applicants, ready to work. Post your job openings, search resumes, schedule a Digital Interview--your next hire is just a click away!

Low Cost, No Cost
Wouldnt it be nice to post ALL your jobs for what it's costing you to post only one job listing now? AND get all LOCAL job applicants? With Goodwill.jobs you pay one LOW monthly fee to post all of your job listings. Put your funds into training and client services, not into the pockets of a monster job board!


Upgrade Job Posts
The Goodwill.jobs Diversity Job Posting Network and the Veterans Network allow you to post your job openings on national networks directly related to these key areas. If you provide client services and training to youth, people with disabilities, and veterans, these networks could help you fulfill those placement goals. Upgrade one job listing or several, choose from 17 networks.

Digital Interviewing
Goodwill.jobs gives you State of the Art Technology for your MicroSite. On-Demand Interviewing allows you to not only make sure the job applicant has qualifying skills for the job opening, but also has a culture fit with your NonProfit. Determine your questions, invite the job applicant to the interview, and evaluate the job candidate—it's that easy. All digital interviews are archived for 2 years.


Get Started with a FREE Goodwill.jobs Trial

The best way for you to get to know Goodwill.jobs is for us to walk you through the site. We set up a 30 day FREE trial for you to test the site. Post all of your jobs, post external employers' jobs, find applicants, and provide them services. LOW monthly fee--all on one website. Goodwill.jobs.




Individual Recruiters
Posting Your Jobs is EASY. You have a choice in job boards, but bigger isn't always better. We like "local". So when you search, you want accurate and "in-my-backyard" local. And even though we will soon be in several US markets, each resume search is geared towards your key words, and geographic location of the job title.

Cost is King. You are a recruiter working with several companies. More resumes will not = qualified candidates. Wouldn't it be great to use a new search engine geared towards more accurate matches EVERY time? And to be able to search to your heart's content for a low fee?

How about Digital Interviewing? Our Digital Interviewing tool is powered by HireVue. It's easy, you are in control of the time and questions allowed, and Goodwill.jobs gives you industry approved questions, consistent with each candidate. Interviews can be scheduled by you with the applicant either live or on demand.

One low cost per month ($400), includes all the resumes you can search in 30 days, digital interviewing, and up to 1,000 job posts.

Recruitment Agencies
What is Your Area of Expertise? The relationship between employers and recruitment agencies has evolved. No longer can an agency walk in with a firm set of solutions to an employer's hiring challenges. And as an agency, you can't always be "everything" for that employer. It depends on the size of your agency, the customer's strategic initiatives, and the scope of the business plan you two agree upon.

Goodwill.jobs offers you accurate search, updated resumes, and quick results. Let us help you help your employers. AND you get to work with a leading nonprofit like Goodwill!

On Demand Recruiting and Outsourcing
As Employers decide to transfer all or part of their recruitment processes to an external service provider, the designated provider may assume a variety of responsibilities for that Employer. Let Goodwill.jobs be THE source for local Jobseekers and their resumes. No more job boards that charge exorbitant fees or deliver out of market resumes!

In addition to a great job board, we offer candidate placement for clients that have completed our Goodwill training programs including veterans and people with disabilities. Hire one person or one hundred. We currently have all levels of applicants on Goodwill.jobs, and thousands of resumes.

Get Started with a Free Demo and Trial of Goodwill. Jobs We are a full service job board, offering job search, job posting, creative development and placement of digital advertising, and web design. Goodwill.jobs... Connecting jobseekers with employers nationwide.